Wills or Estate Plans

Donors may make deferred gifts to the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Foundation through their wills or estate plans by providing written verification of the plan, and the amount of the gift, to the Foundation from their attorney, tax consultant or estate planner. Written verification should include the dollar amount of the gift, or the percentage of the estate’s remainder value. This will qualify donors for recognition in the appropriate gift category.

Donors who notify the Foundation of their plan, but do not provide written verification of the plan and the amount of the gift, will be recognized in the category "Others Who Have Remembered the Foundation in Their Estate Planning."

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    The Bonsai Society is made up of individuals who have made gifts of $100,000 or and the Perennial Society is for those who have given $10,000 to $99,999.

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    Tax ID: 38 3118579

  • The alternatives described are meant to provide general guidance. They may be subject to technical rules that could affect their use by a donor. You need to consult with your own advisor or a FMG&SF representative to determine which technique is best for you.