Bonsai Society

Those who have cumulative monetary gifts and/or pledges in estate plans of $100,000 or more to the Foundation are members of the Bonsai Society. Members qualify for permanent recognition at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

To qualify for membership with an estate gift pledge, donors must submit a copy of the gift provision in their estate plan, or have other written documentation, verifying that the $100,000 minimum has been met.

If a donor's plan calls for a percentage of the estate's remainder, and the amount will meet or exceed $100,000, a written statement from the donor's estate planner, tax consultant, or attorney would meet the requirement for membership.


  • Meijer, Inc.
  • L.Dale Atkinson
  • Kenneth Bandstra
  • John D. & Marian F. Bouwer
  • Dr. David G. Dvorak & Ms. Karol J. Peterson
  • Fred & Dorothy* Fichter
  • Keller Foundation
  • The Meijer Foundation
  • Dirk & Victoria* Hoffius
  • Joan Hoffman
  • Earl & Donnalee Holton
  • Thomas P. Merchant & Glen W. Johnson
  • Michael & Sarah Julien
  • Thomas Peter Kapteyn
  • C. Thomas & Evelyn Kapteyn
  • Mary Ann Keeler
  • Ray Loeschner
  • John & Gail Nowak
  • Richard & Valerie Peacock
  • Ed* & June Prein
  • Bernie & Rose Rosenthal
  • Lynn & John P. Vinkemulder