Frederik Meijer Gardens Foundation Recognition Wall

The Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Foundation was established as the Michigan Botanic Garden Foundation in 1993. It is a single-purpose foundation with the goal of providing an endowment fund to support the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

The Foundation accepts general endowment fund contributions as well as funds designated by the donor for restricted use. Contributions may be made as annual gifts, pledges over multiple years, or designated to an existing fund. The endowment is a permanent fund invested by the FMG&SF for capital appreciation and income. A portion of the funds is distributed annually for restricted or unrestricted purposes in accordance with the donor's wishes. A named fund may be established for $10,000 or more. The Foundation may also be included in estate plans. All contributions are deductible for both income and estate tax purposes. Learn more about the ways to give »

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  • Board of Directors

    The Foundation elects an independent, public Board of Directors.

    President, John G. Baab
    Vice President, Saralyn Coupe
    Secretary, Tamara R. Bailey
    Treasurer, Michael R. Julien
    Director, John D. Bouwer
    Director, Randall S. Damstra
    Director, Dirk Hoffius
    Director, Nancy G. Kennedy
    Director, Ray B. Loeschner
    Director, Kathleen P. Maine
    Director, Hendrik G. Meijer
    Director, Richard A. Morton
    Director, Jeffrey S. Padnos
    Ex Officio, Michael A. Gaudino
    Executive Director, Susanne T. Veeneman
    Honorary Directors
    Earl D. Holton
    Lena Meijer
    Fred Meijer
    1919 - 2011